We strive to assist students in finding the perfect instrument to fit their specific needs.  Unfortunately finding a quality harp to rent or buy can be challenging, especially in South Florida!  Through a partnership with the Virginia Harp Center and the Atlanta Harp Center we are happy to assist students in acquiring the instrument of their dreams.  We strongly advise students against renting or purchasing any harp without consulting one of Miami Harp Academy's world-class faculty.  Harp's are very particular instruments and it is easy to waste your money on an improper instrument!

Types of harps:

Top Left: Pedal Harp
Played by most professional harpist, this instrument is able to make accidentals through the movement of 7 pedals.  These pedals allow for a greater range of chromatic exploration, making these instruments ideal for orchestral, solo, and chamber playing.  Check out this video of harpist Isabelle Moretti performing Hasselman's "La Source"

Top Right: Lever Harp or Celtic Harp
Played by both professional and amateur harpists.  It's compact size and lighter string tension make this instrument ideal for little and aged hands as well as everyone in between!  Accidentals are made on this harp by raising individual levers.  This instrument is ideal for solo, folk, therapeutic, and chamber playing.  Check out this video of lever harpist François Pernel performing Bach's "Partita" for Cello

Bottom Left: Electric Harp
These harps come in both pedal and lever versions and are great because of their portability, and adaptability!  Made of carbon fiber, they are much less temperamental than their wooden cousins.  The lever harps make very little sound when not connected to an amplifier, but once the harps are connected the options are limitless!  These instruments are ideal for experimental music, rock band playing, and singer-songwriter playing.  Check out this video of pedal electric-harpist Lara Somogyi performing "Elastic Heart" by SIA, and this video of electric lever-harpist Enki Bello performing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance."

Bottom Right: Paraguayan Harp
The national instrument of Paraguay, this instrument has its roots in traditional Latin American music styles.  This instrument is ideal for rhythmic folk bands, solo, and chamber playing.  Check out this video of Paraguayan Harp Duo Mariano Gonzalez and Ernesto Franco performing "Bell Bird"

At the Miami Harp Academy we specialize in diverse styles of playing ranging from classical, to pop; traditional folk, to jazz.